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Mr. Alex L. Flint

WHEREAS, a human spirit has taken a flight at the call of the Heavenly Father to the mansion prepared for him from the foundation of the earth by an all- wise God. We pen these resolutions to express our grief in the loss of a great leader and friend of the Ridgeland Branch NAACP, Branch #5546-B in Ridgeland, South Carolina.

WHEREAS, the community has lost a fine and loyal person and the world has lost a noble character in the passing of Mr. Alexis L. Flint. We rejoice that his belief in the promise of God in Psalm 73:24 is now fulfilled. “Thou shall guide me with thy counsel and afterward receive me to glory.”

WHEREAS, Mr. Flint was upright, loyal, loving and kind in all his ways- sincere in the contributions to the Ridgeland Branch NAACP WHERE HE SERVED AS TREASURER and has left behind him a beautiful memory. We pray that others will emulate his life and legacy.

WHEREAS, the highest tribute that can be paid to anyone is that they were loved by their fellow man. Truly, this is the sentiment of all who knew this gallant and noble man who was also a great supporter of the Ridgeland Community and Jasper County.

Be it Resolved, that we should live carefully; know that someday we too, must pay the debt that Mr. Alexis L Flint has paid.

THEREFORE, be it resolved that we share every sorrow of the bereaved family and extend to them our deepest sympathy and that we stand always ready to welcome them to the cross for earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal and we hope that his family will be comforted by these words.

Respectfully submitted on this 9th Day of June 2022

The Ridgeland Branch NAACP

Ms. Berty Riley, President

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